The Business of Fear


Hello guys, I hope the festival of Holi have brought new colors in your life and it’s more colorful than ever before. So I hope you liked my previous blog and it will make you think once when you give money to a beggar next time.

I hope You all must be aware about what’s happening in Syria currently and what the people of Syria is going through. But actually we cannot even imagine how bad the situation is, probably because we have not been in the situation even close to it . Just try to imagine about 5-year-old child not having food or shelter for surviving and then his parents were killed in front of him. Just imagine his hatred for the whole world who are doing nothing about it and just condemning the situation.

Tomorrow millions of people like him will opt for Violence as their tool for revenge and then we’ll call them terrorists and he will join one of the similar organization who killed their near and dear ones. This is the circle formed among us that we are failing to break. Today in 21st century, when our reach is beyond the sky why can’t we fight with a bunch of people with guns? Don’t the rest of the world is capable of fighting with them? What the superior nations like USA, Russia, France and China are doing? When will they react? What is stopping them?

Is patriotism and religion above humanity? I think so, because people are ready to die for their Country, people are ready to die just to prove their religion superior but no one gives a damn about millions of people suffering far way from us just because they do not belong to our country or religion. Let me ask you what if tomorrow it’s your country? I know all of us feel bad for them and the fact is we cannot do anything about it but there are some people who really don’t give a damn like I said.

I am talking about the people who can really do something in this situation, the political leaders of the world. Yes they do not give a damn about what happens in the world due to terrorism, what they care about is existence and survival of these terrorist organizations. You know why? for running their business of fear. Before I tell you more about this business let me ask you some questions.

Why America is not implementing any strict laws over gun control, which students are protesting for? Actually if you see statistics, maximum deaths in America are due to being shot by another American. They don’t need it for security reasons because it’s their own people who are killing them, then why the government is allowing it to be continued? Below are the exact numbers:

I don’t think civilians should be given access to gun to defend themselves in country like USA where there is so much racism, left and right extremism. In fact it’s one of the reasons for rising crime rate. And now the fear has boosted the sale of guns in America.

This is not just about America but if you look into global scenario, same concept of fear exist here too. Billions and Billions is spent on defence system by all the countries. The religion and geographical boundaries have divided us and some people is taking great advantage of it.

The terrorist organizations which are active currently and fighting in the name of religion is sadly being backed by some powerful nations just for their own selfish reasons. And also issues between some countries is not being resolved because these superior nations don’t want it to be resolved.

Many developing and underdeveloped countries are suffering because of them. Huge amount of money is being wasted on defence by this countries which could be used in development of the country. Amount of money spent by India on arms and ammunition is beyond imagination and still there are not enough weapons if we look at our Armed forces’ strength. And why Indian government is spending so much on defence system?  Because of the same concept of fear from these terrorist organizations, and because of its rival Pakistan’s advancement in latest arms technology.

Pakistan & India both are spending but who is being benefited? Peace is often disturbed by these terrorist organizations in different countries but who is being benefited? Terrorist Organizations is killing people but in what way they are being benefited?

The answer of all these questions is leading Arms manufacturer. Yes, countries with superiority in Arms manufacturing and export is taking its advantage and they are the ones who are getting its advantage in boosting their sales.

America tops in the list of world’s largest arms exporters with a contribution of more than 75%. On second spot it’s Russia followed by China, France and Germany. Where as in exporters India tops the list. So you can see who is getting benefited most by the tensed situations and fear created by terrorist organizations.

When America was affected by attack on Twin Towers, they killed Bin Laden so easily. So can’t they take out terrorism from its roots? Of course they can. Why Russia is so silent when Syria is bleeding?

You can see the statistics here about world’s arms trade and you will get the idea why these superior nations are silent. You Can also read article here by Mother Jones, a non-profit news organizations about how America is arming the world. Also here‘s the video on how much top 10 largest weapons selling countries are earning and these are just official figures.

Barack Obama is one of the finest leaders  of America till date but actually it was him who boosted the arms sales and now trump is taking it to next level. So no doubt why American arms manufacturing companies spent so much on Trump’s election campaign. So till these bastards don’t stop this business of fear there will be many more nations who will suffer like Syria.

Thank you for reading.Will write again soon…


“The crime probably you are involved in.”


“Hello Guys, it has been so long since my last blog was published. You think I am lazy? Actually I am, but that’s not the reason for delay. In fact writing is what I enjoy the most, what took time was the subject of this blog. As it is a very serious subject and I did not want to bluff things. So it required a lot of hard work but if I succeed in reaching your minds with my blog then it will be totally worth it.”

“Probably you don’t think about the subject because you don’t know the behind story of it. As the title suggest it’s about a crime probably we all are involved in. Yes, there is a an organised crime in the country which is not funded by Mafia or ISIS but it runs on our pennies. The next terrorist attack in the country could be because of your contribution. Maybe you have just provided terrorists a brand new AK47 which will be used to kill our soldiers and cops. Are you wondering what I am talking about ? I am talking about one of the most openly, systematically and smartly conducted crime in the country. The system run by some of the most powerful and influential people of the country called as “Begging Mafia.” Yes the crime I am talking about is begging. A small world which is actually a way more bigger than we think. Just by giving them Rs 5-500 we are doing the damage no one could imagine about.”


“They are no more old hungry, homeless people, they are professionals, trained, molded and forced to do it. There is a whole invisible system functioning behind it. They function according to a fixed pattern just like any other business organisation. It also has employees, employers, HR, CEO and Board of Directors, just their role and working style differs a little bit from others. It is way beyond than just collecting money. Actually the activity we see in mostly all public places is illegal. Can you imagine that? You all know how openly it works, right?”

“What you really need to think about here is how can they be so casual even when they know it is an illegal activity. How can they function so openly without any interference from the police? The Bombay Prevention Of Begging Act, 1959 criminalize begging. Then why cops do not take any actions against them? Is something stopping them from doing their duty ? There arises many such questions which we probably won’t ask to the system because we think it is silly. But you are highly mistaken.”

“You have no idea how powerful and dangerous this system is. Begging Mafia are no less dangerous or cruel than ISIS. To tell you all about their activities, they carry out activities like human trafficking, illegal organ trade, selling of children for cheap labour, maiming of children for the purpose of begging and selling girl child in international market for prostitution. Begging is just a part of it. To give you a brief idea about how their system works, imagine there are 1000 beggars in Mumbai and each of them collects Rs 500 daily, So their daily income becomes 1000*500= Rs 5,00,000. From this 15% of it is distributed among the beggars and the rest 85% is sent to the city head of their gang who keeps his share of 10% and rest is sent to the state head then similarly he keeps 10% & the Remaining 65% is sent to their Boss. Similarly there are many gangs functioning in the country. Beggars are very loyal to their gangs due to their fear and also because they make sure of their safety from other gangs. Now just imagine their annual income. The numbers I considered was very less as compared to reality. According to reports, annual income of begging industry in India is 180 Crores but in my opinion it is just one tenth of the actual figure because they just considered begging money not the money they collect from other illegal businesses.”

“They gather thousands of crores from all their illegal businesses then just imagine where this money goes? It cannot be deposited into the banks as it may attract eyes of IT department, so it is invested in such places where they can get maximum returns and also used to protect their system from government,wondering how? That’s the answer you should know about. According to Indian National Human Rights commission, up to 40,000 children are abducted every year (according to police FIRs) and same number of cases are not even registered and forget about adults. So these many cases and no leads? why 90% of cases are unsolved? Are they too smart? or our police is so dumb?”

“I am not saying that government is helping these people out but there must be a reason for it. How this system is functioning so efficiently without any support. Their fearlessness prove that they are very much influenced in Indian politics or Indian politicians are very much involved in the system. Also this is one of the source of funding for terrorist organizations. They use this money for purchasing Arms & Ammunition & also for stay & groceries as they live like normal people with fake identities. And in return these terrorist organizations helps Bagging Mafia in carrying out illegal activities.”

“So to understand the mindset of the beggars I tried to communicate with one of the beggars whom I use to see everyday at Malad Railway Station. He refused to talk to me and told me to leave him alone, then on further observation I found a women collecting all the beggar’s collection from them. I followed her and she lead me to a man who noticed me while I was following them so he stopped me and checked my phone but as he didn’t find anything against them so he returned it to me and warned me with a powerful statement,”Abbey ! gaayab kar dunga tuje samja kya? chupchap ye bag leke college ja, agli baar dikha na tu muje to tu soch b nhi sakta tere saath kya hoga!”

“After a few days while I was on my way to home I saw a 10-year-old beggar sitting at Borivali Railway Station with very clean and better clothes as compared to other beggars so I went to him and asked him his name, he did not utter a word, then I asked him about his parents, he told me that he is hungry, I noticed he had enough to buy food so I asked him why don’t you eat something with this money. “I can’t,” he answered very softly. So I told him to come with me and I’ll buy you some food but actually I wanted to take him to Police Station just behind him to see how the cops reacts but meanwhile I don’t know what happened to him he just ran away and then I noticed a man staring at me. I walked away quietly and learnt from many such instances where I tried to communicate with them that this system is way more protected than I think & I cannot do anything about it.”

“But actually we can destroy their system just by not giving alms to beggars. I found that not all beggars are involved with bagging mafia but it’s not possible for us to identify them correctly each and every time so if you think that somebody really need your help then buy them some food or take them to nearest police station but don’t give them any money. If we succeed in stopping this then the outcome could be beyond our imagination. On your request, police will take necessary action and by doing so many crimes can be stopped. Thousands of Parents will not lose their child, no one will point gun on innocents manipulating us on the name of religion. Also the issue of poverty is not so big to tackle if we succeed in fighting with this issue because this is one of the reason of increasing poverty. The amount of money which we give to beggars can be given to NGOs and different trusts working for the needy people.”

“I hope you will think on this subject and please share this subject with others if you find it sensible. Thank you for reading it, will write again soon on a different and important subject which truly needs our attention.”


“Narendra Modi – A PM or just a MP(Man of Politics)?”


Gujarat’s Election is one of those rear elections where I have seen the Political Parties crossing the line for their election campaings. I am neither trying to point out any party nor I am supporting any party, I am just trying to find an answer for the question in my mind.

Congress adopted the most unethical strategy for election by stretching one sensitive subject in India of Caste Discrimination but you know what? I am not at all surprised to see it because we all know Congress’s position in Indian Politics after 2014 and a Political Party like Congress without Power which they are not used to will definitely not care about ethics when it comes to regaining their position.

But the surprise for me is Narendra Modi’s Role in Election Campaign. I never expected this from Narendra Modi, let me be more clear for his die hard “Bhakts”, I do not mean Narendra Modi- the politician here, I mean the PM of our country.

The very first thing was his tweet when Cyclone Ockhi was expected to hit Gujarat.


IMG_20171216_201445.jpgThe very first thing you should know is Cyclone Ockhi was also expected to hit Mumbai before Gujarat and also it’s effects were seen on the climate in Mumbai then was it correct to specifically tweet about Gujarat? And second thing is he addressed his tweet to BJP’s “Karyakartas”, and not to the citizens of Gujarat, don’t you think he should have addressed them ?
And Please not the tweet was from his personal account, so what was he trying to convey ? I hope he was not specifying his priority amongst the states because this is the most unethical thing a Prime Minister could ever do. But fortunately our forgiving Mumbaikars did not reacted and Gujarati’s of course did not reacted because after all he is the one responsible for the Vibrant Gujarat. Ohh sorry!! Did I just adressed Gujarat as a Vibrant State? Oh so sorry, I truly apologize for my mistake because Gujarat is the least developed state in India, right?? No, but this is not my opinion as I am totally aware like you all about the development in Gujarat under Narendra Modi’s Government and in fact that’s one of the reasons why Narendra Modi is our PM today, right? Remember BJP’s 2014 campaign? Well me too. But I am making this statement because the same man, Mr Narendra Modi in one of his speeches during Gujarat Election campaign told that Congress did not allowed him to work when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat as there was Congress’s Government in India.

Now I am trying very hard but still I am not being able to decode this statement because first he became the PM of the country by showing Gujarat as one of the examples of his leadership and now he is giving such statements. I was totally surprised after hearing this. And first thing which came up in my mind is his speeches for 2019 elections which I am expecting to be something like this:

“Mitron, aapne Muje 5 saal diye, mene aise Faisle liye jisme desh badal ne ki taqat thi, jaise ki Notebandi aur GST, par Congress ne usko safal nhi hone diya. Muje aur 5 saal dijiye aur phir Dekhiye me is desh ko us uchaiyo par Leke jaunga jiski aapne kalpna bhi Nahi ki hogi.”

(“Friends, you gave me 5 years and I took some decisions which had the power of changing the dimensions of this country but unfortunately Congress didn’t let that happen. Just give me more 5 year and I will take this country to a height which you cannot even imagine.”)

I could sense the same situation rising again in India because Narendra is adopting a similar strategy. No? Then where the hell didthe concept of “Beef Ban” came from? Does PM have to care about what the citizens are having in their plate on the dinner table? Oh! yes, cows are holly for the Hindus, right? Excuse me!  Then why most of the licensed slaughter houses are owned by them? No actions against them but they killed many innocent Muslims on the name of Holly Cow and I still don’t see any strict actions against those “Cow Rakshaks”, in fact while elections, BJP promised the people in Goa that they will see to it that consumption of Beef is not banned. And who brought this bloody concept just for Votebank? Congress? No, BJP is the one who should be given credit for it. How it started do you all know ?

One day, suddenly Narendra Modi Saw Some Statistics which earlier he was totally unaware of that India is largerst producer of Beaf and he felt so much offended that he went on stage and requested the Hindus to take some action against it because he is a just a PM of a country, he has no power to to do something about it. And Hindus after witnessing that National Award Winning Performance decided to do something for him and we all know what happened later and what steps they took to stop it.

So, all the Hindus and Muslims, We need you with us which I think very few have left which still addresses themselves as “Indians”. My motive was not to tell you that how bad is Narendra Modi but I just wanted to tell you that don’t just trust someone blindly. At last, to clear your doubt which some of you have, Narendra Modi is a human and not God, yes this is a fact. I know some of you won’t believe me but you can google it, he is just an ordinary man so stop preaching him and building temples of him.

So I am very clear about my decision about is he a PM or MP ? And, you? Still confused? Well I’ll suggest you to look into yourself and check it out, I think that organ called “Brain” might help you in clearing your doubt, if you are provided with one…


“Are statues more important than lives?”


Please guys, only read my thoughts and totally ignore my English becauase it’s too bad.
Well from past two days, internet has been all about “Virushka” and “Gujarat Elections”. I want to discuss about the second topic first, actually not just about Gujarat but about India. Well I just read something so stupid and also a thing to worry about.
I have a question for you all? Just imagine you are a sincere, well behaved child of your parents and you respect and love them a lot. Now you have grown up and you are one of the top Billionaires of the country.
Now how will you return their favours. Will you build their Statues in each and every room including your bedroom? Will it impress them? Will they take the statues with them to graveyard? Won’t they be happy in carrying some good memories with them of their child helping someone in need? Better option, right?
Now apply the same situation to India. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj surely played an important role in the history of our country and we all Know how much he is preached and loved. I have no doubts about the reasons behind the respect and importance given to him. But what is the meaning of gifting a person an iPhone on his funeral. Will he be able to use it? If you really want to make his soul rest in peace then do something which really impresses him.
What I mean is, what’s  the meaning of building so many statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj? How are you giving respect to him by this?Is he watching it ? And even if he is watching this, he would be really sad by seeing his statues with so much waste near by and people spitting near it. It is only cleaned and taken care for one single day in a whole year.
Already there are five statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Mumbai and Government is building sixth one at the CSMT with a building cost of Rs 1.5 Crore.
And Also the process for building the seventh one is started with a whopping cost of Rs 3600 Crore. 

All thanks to some decisionmakers or I should say some brainless creatures of our country. I mean if they respect him so much, why don’t they start a free self defence training center for women? or a free sports training institute? Something that is beneficial for the society. But trust me guys they won’t do it, because for that, they will really have to spend money. Do You think they are anyway spending on the statues? Guys comeon, they are not spending, they are earning through it. Because neither you nor me know the real cost for the construction of the statues. Who saw the quotation? None. Who approves their quotation? The same decisionmakers and when some sensible people questions them, they have some innocent common people behind them who are ready to give their lives for them because they are their heroes. But they are totally unaware that they are not only being fooled by them but also spoiling the future of our country.
And the “Youth” the real future of the country who are capable of taking the country to a greater height are nowhere near the politics. They are busy finding jobs for themselves and some are busy blaming Narendra Modi for all the problems in their life. I mean come on guys, if he is not a great leader then we need another one and even if he is according to some, then he cannot change the whole country alone because for winning a match, you need a great leader as well as a great team. 

Well that’s it for now.. Will write again soon.