“Narendra Modi – A PM or just a MP(Man of Politics)?”


Gujarat’s Election is one of those rear elections where I have seen the Political Parties crossing the line for their election campaings. I am neither trying to point out any party nor I am supporting any party, I am just trying to find an answer for the question in my mind.

Congress adopted the most unethical strategy for election by stretching one sensitive subject in India of Caste Discrimination but you know what? I am not at all surprised to see it because we all know Congress’s position in Indian Politics after 2014 and a Political Party like Congress without Power which they are not used to will definitely not care about ethics when it comes to regaining their position.

But the surprise for me is Narendra Modi’s Role in Election Campaign. I never expected this from Narendra Modi, let me be more clear for his die hard “Bhakts”, I do not mean Narendra Modi- the politician here, I mean the PM of our country.

The very first thing was his tweet when Cyclone Ockhi was expected to hit Gujarat.


IMG_20171216_201445.jpgThe very first thing you should know is Cyclone Ockhi was also expected to hit Mumbai before Gujarat and also it’s effects were seen on the climate in Mumbai then was it correct to specifically tweet about Gujarat? And second thing is he addressed his tweet to BJP’s “Karyakartas”, and not to the citizens of Gujarat, don’t you think he should have addressed them ?
And Please not the tweet was from his personal account, so what was he trying to convey ? I hope he was not specifying his priority amongst the states because this is the most unethical thing a Prime Minister could ever do. But fortunately our forgiving Mumbaikars did not reacted and Gujarati’s of course did not reacted because after all he is the one responsible for the Vibrant Gujarat. Ohh sorry!! Did I just adressed Gujarat as a Vibrant State? Oh so sorry, I truly apologize for my mistake because Gujarat is the least developed state in India, right?? No, but this is not my opinion as I am totally aware like you all about the development in Gujarat under Narendra Modi’s Government and in fact that’s one of the reasons why Narendra Modi is our PM today, right? Remember BJP’s 2014 campaign? Well me too. But I am making this statement because the same man, Mr Narendra Modi in one of his speeches during Gujarat Election campaign told that Congress did not allowed him to work when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat as there was Congress’s Government in India.

Now I am trying very hard but still I am not being able to decode this statement because first he became the PM of the country by showing Gujarat as one of the examples of his leadership and now he is giving such statements. I was totally surprised after hearing this. And first thing which came up in my mind is his speeches for 2019 elections which I am expecting to be something like this:

“Mitron, aapne Muje 5 saal diye, mene aise Faisle liye jisme desh badal ne ki taqat thi, jaise ki Notebandi aur GST, par Congress ne usko safal nhi hone diya. Muje aur 5 saal dijiye aur phir Dekhiye me is desh ko us uchaiyo par Leke jaunga jiski aapne kalpna bhi Nahi ki hogi.”

(“Friends, you gave me 5 years and I took some decisions which had the power of changing the dimensions of this country but unfortunately Congress didn’t let that happen. Just give me more 5 year and I will take this country to a height which you cannot even imagine.”)

I could sense the same situation rising again in India because Narendra is adopting a similar strategy. No? Then where the hell didthe concept of “Beef Ban” came from? Does PM have to care about what the citizens are having in their plate on the dinner table? Oh! yes, cows are holly for the Hindus, right? Excuse me!  Then why most of the licensed slaughter houses are owned by them? No actions against them but they killed many innocent Muslims on the name of Holly Cow and I still don’t see any strict actions against those “Cow Rakshaks”, in fact while elections, BJP promised the people in Goa that they will see to it that consumption of Beef is not banned. And who brought this bloody concept just for Votebank? Congress? No, BJP is the one who should be given credit for it. How it started do you all know ?

One day, suddenly Narendra Modi Saw Some Statistics which earlier he was totally unaware of that India is largerst producer of Beaf and he felt so much offended that he went on stage and requested the Hindus to take some action against it because he is a just a PM of a country, he has no power to to do something about it. And Hindus after witnessing that National Award Winning Performance decided to do something for him and we all know what happened later and what steps they took to stop it.

So, all the Hindus and Muslims, We need you with us which I think very few have left which still addresses themselves as “Indians”. My motive was not to tell you that how bad is Narendra Modi but I just wanted to tell you that don’t just trust someone blindly. At last, to clear your doubt which some of you have, Narendra Modi is a human and not God, yes this is a fact. I know some of you won’t believe me but you can google it, he is just an ordinary man so stop preaching him and building temples of him.

So I am very clear about my decision about is he a PM or MP ? And, you? Still confused? Well I’ll suggest you to look into yourself and check it out, I think that organ called “Brain” might help you in clearing your doubt, if you are provided with one…



“Are statues more important than lives?”


Please guys, only read my thoughts and totally ignore my English becauase it’s too bad.
Well from past two days, internet has been all about “Virushka” and “Gujarat Elections”. I want to discuss about the second topic first, actually not just about Gujarat but about India. Well I just read something so stupid and also a thing to worry about.
I have a question for you all? Just imagine you are a sincere, well behaved child of your parents and you respect and love them a lot. Now you have grown up and you are one of the top Billionaires of the country.
Now how will you return their favours. Will you build their Statues in each and every room including your bedroom? Will it impress them? Will they take the statues with them to graveyard? Won’t they be happy in carrying some good memories with them of their child helping someone in need? Better option, right?
Now apply the same situation to India. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj surely played an important role in the history of our country and we all Know how much he is preached and loved. I have no doubts about the reasons behind the respect and importance given to him. But what is the meaning of gifting a person an iPhone on his funeral. Will he be able to use it? If you really want to make his soul rest in peace then do something which really impresses him.
What I mean is, what’s  the meaning of building so many statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj? How are you giving respect to him by this?Is he watching it ? And even if he is watching this, he would be really sad by seeing his statues with so much waste near by and people spitting near it. It is only cleaned and taken care for one single day in a whole year.
Already there are five statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Mumbai and Government is building sixth one at the CSMT with a building cost of Rs 1.5 Crore.
And Also the process for building the seventh one is started with a whopping cost of Rs 3600 Crore. 

All thanks to some decisionmakers or I should say some brainless creatures of our country. I mean if they respect him so much, why don’t they start a free self defence training center for women? or a free sports training institute? Something that is beneficial for the society. But trust me guys they won’t do it, because for that, they will really have to spend money. Do You think they are anyway spending on the statues? Guys comeon, they are not spending, they are earning through it. Because neither you nor me know the real cost for the construction of the statues. Who saw the quotation? None. Who approves their quotation? The same decisionmakers and when some sensible people questions them, they have some innocent common people behind them who are ready to give their lives for them because they are their heroes. But they are totally unaware that they are not only being fooled by them but also spoiling the future of our country.
And the “Youth” the real future of the country who are capable of taking the country to a greater height are nowhere near the politics. They are busy finding jobs for themselves and some are busy blaming Narendra Modi for all the problems in their life. I mean come on guys, if he is not a great leader then we need another one and even if he is according to some, then he cannot change the whole country alone because for winning a match, you need a great leader as well as a great team. 

Well that’s it for now.. Will write again soon.