“The crime probably you are involved in.”


“Hello Guys, it has been so long since my last blog was published. You think I am lazy? Actually I am, but that’s not the reason for delay. In fact writing is what I enjoy the most, what took time was the subject of this blog. As it is a very serious subject and I did not want to bluff things. So it required a lot of hard work but if I succeed in reaching your minds with my blog then it will be totally worth it.”

“Probably you don’t think about the subject because you don’t know the behind story of it. As the title suggest it’s about a crime probably we all are involved in. Yes, there is a an organised crime in the country which is not funded by Mafia or ISIS but it runs on our pennies. The next terrorist attack in the country could be because of your contribution. Maybe you have just provided terrorists a brand new AK47 which will be used to kill our soldiers and cops. Are you wondering what I am talking about ? I am talking about one of the most openly, systematically and smartly conducted crime in the country. The system run by some of the most powerful and influential people of the country called as “Begging Mafia.” Yes the crime I am talking about is begging. A small world which is actually a way more bigger than we think. Just by giving them Rs 5-500 we are doing the damage no one could imagine about.”


“They are no more old hungry, homeless people, they are professionals, trained, molded and forced to do it. There is a whole invisible system functioning behind it. They function according to a fixed pattern just like any other business organisation. It also has employees, employers, HR, CEO and Board of Directors, just their role and working style differs a little bit from others. It is way beyond than just collecting money. Actually the activity we see in mostly all public places is illegal. Can you imagine that? You all know how openly it works, right?”

“What you really need to think about here is how can they be so casual even when they know it is an illegal activity. How can they function so openly without any interference from the police? The Bombay Prevention Of Begging Act, 1959 criminalize begging. Then why cops do not take any actions against them? Is something stopping them from doing their duty ? There arises many such questions which we probably won’t ask to the system because we think it is silly. But you are highly mistaken.”

“You have no idea how powerful and dangerous this system is. Begging Mafia are no less dangerous or cruel than ISIS. To tell you all about their activities, they carry out activities like human trafficking, illegal organ trade, selling of children for cheap labour, maiming of children for the purpose of begging and selling girl child in international market for prostitution. Begging is just a part of it. To give you a brief idea about how their system works, imagine there are 1000 beggars in Mumbai and each of them collects Rs 500 daily, So their daily income becomes 1000*500= Rs 5,00,000. From this 15% of it is distributed among the beggars and the rest 85% is sent to the city head of their gang who keeps his share of 10% and rest is sent to the state head then similarly he keeps 10% & the Remaining 65% is sent to their Boss. Similarly there are many gangs functioning in the country. Beggars are very loyal to their gangs due to their fear and also because they make sure of their safety from other gangs. Now just imagine their annual income. The numbers I considered was very less as compared to reality. According to reports, annual income of begging industry in India is 180 Crores but in my opinion it is just one tenth of the actual figure because they just considered begging money not the money they collect from other illegal businesses.”

“They gather thousands of crores from all their illegal businesses then just imagine where this money goes? It cannot be deposited into the banks as it may attract eyes of IT department, so it is invested in such places where they can get maximum returns and also used to protect their system from government,wondering how? That’s the answer you should know about. According to Indian National Human Rights commission, up to 40,000 children are abducted every year (according to police FIRs) and same number of cases are not even registered and forget about adults. So these many cases and no leads? why 90% of cases are unsolved? Are they too smart? or our police is so dumb?”

“I am not saying that government is helping these people out but there must be a reason for it. How this system is functioning so efficiently without any support. Their fearlessness prove that they are very much influenced in Indian politics or Indian politicians are very much involved in the system. Also this is one of the source of funding for terrorist organizations. They use this money for purchasing Arms & Ammunition & also for stay & groceries as they live like normal people with fake identities. And in return these terrorist organizations helps Bagging Mafia in carrying out illegal activities.”

“So to understand the mindset of the beggars I tried to communicate with one of the beggars whom I use to see everyday at Malad Railway Station. He refused to talk to me and told me to leave him alone, then on further observation I found a women collecting all the beggar’s collection from them. I followed her and she lead me to a man who noticed me while I was following them so he stopped me and checked my phone but as he didn’t find anything against them so he returned it to me and warned me with a powerful statement,”Abbey ! gaayab kar dunga tuje samja kya? chupchap ye bag leke college ja, agli baar dikha na tu muje to tu soch b nhi sakta tere saath kya hoga!”

“After a few days while I was on my way to home I saw a 10-year-old beggar sitting at Borivali Railway Station with very clean and better clothes as compared to other beggars so I went to him and asked him his name, he did not utter a word, then I asked him about his parents, he told me that he is hungry, I noticed he had enough to buy food so I asked him why don’t you eat something with this money. “I can’t,” he answered very softly. So I told him to come with me and I’ll buy you some food but actually I wanted to take him to Police Station just behind him to see how the cops reacts but meanwhile I don’t know what happened to him he just ran away and then I noticed a man staring at me. I walked away quietly and learnt from many such instances where I tried to communicate with them that this system is way more protected than I think & I cannot do anything about it.”

“But actually we can destroy their system just by not giving alms to beggars. I found that not all beggars are involved with bagging mafia but it’s not possible for us to identify them correctly each and every time so if you think that somebody really need your help then buy them some food or take them to nearest police station but don’t give them any money. If we succeed in stopping this then the outcome could be beyond our imagination. On your request, police will take necessary action and by doing so many crimes can be stopped. Thousands of Parents will not lose their child, no one will point gun on innocents manipulating us on the name of religion. Also the issue of poverty is not so big to tackle if we succeed in fighting with this issue because this is one of the reason of increasing poverty. The amount of money which we give to beggars can be given to NGOs and different trusts working for the needy people.”

“I hope you will think on this subject and please share this subject with others if you find it sensible. Thank you for reading it, will write again soon on a different and important subject which truly needs our attention.”