The Business of Fear

Hello guys, I hope the festival of Holi have brought new colors in your life and it’s more colorful than ever before. So I hope you liked my previous blog and it will make you think once when you give money to a beggar next time.

I hope You all must be aware about what’s happening in Syria currently and what the people of Syria is going through. But actually we cannot even imagine how bad the situation is, probably because we have not been in the situation even close to it . Just try to imagine about 5-year-old child not having food or shelter for surviving and then his parents were killed in front of him. Just imagine his hatred for the whole world who are doing nothing about it and just condemning the situation.

Tomorrow millions of people like him will opt for Violence as their tool for revenge and then we’ll call them terrorists and he will join one of the similar organization who killed their near and dear ones. This is the circle formed among us that we are failing to break. Today in 21st century, when our reach is beyond the sky why can’t we fight with a bunch of people with guns? Don’t the rest of the world is capable of fighting with them? What the superior nations like USA, Russia, France and China are doing? When will they react? What is stopping them?

Is patriotism and religion above humanity? I think so, because people are ready to die for their Country, people are ready to die just to prove their religion superior but no one gives a damn about millions of people suffering far way from us just because they do not belong to our country or religion. Let me ask you what if tomorrow it’s your country? I know all of us feel bad for them and the fact is we cannot do anything about it but there are some people who really don’t give a damn like I said.

I am talking about the people who can really do something in this situation, the political leaders of the world. Yes they do not give a damn about what happens in the world due to terrorism, what they care about is existence and survival of these terrorist organizations. You know why? for running their business of fear. Before I tell you more about this business let me ask you some questions.

Why America is not implementing any strict laws over gun control, which students are protesting for? Actually if you see statistics, maximum deaths in America are due to being shot by another American. They don’t need it for security reasons because it’s their own people who are killing them, then why the government is allowing it to be continued? Below are the exact numbers:

I don’t think civilians should be given access to gun to defend themselves in country like USA where there is so much racism, left and right extremism. In fact it’s one of the reasons for rising crime rate. And now the fear has boosted the sale of guns in America.

This is not just about America but if you look into global scenario, same concept of fear exist here too. Billions and Billions is spent on defence system by all the countries. The religion and geographical boundaries have divided us and some people is taking great advantage of it.

The terrorist organizations which are active currently and fighting in the name of religion is sadly being backed by some powerful nations just for their own selfish reasons. And also issues between some countries is not being resolved because these superior nations don’t want it to be resolved.

Many developing and underdeveloped countries are suffering because of them. Huge amount of money is being wasted on defence by this countries which could be used in development of the country. Amount of money spent by India on arms and ammunition is beyond imagination and still there are not enough weapons if we look at our Armed forces’ strength. And why Indian government is spending so much on defence system?  Because of the same concept of fear from these terrorist organizations, and because of its rival Pakistan’s advancement in latest arms technology.

Pakistan & India both are spending but who is being benefited? Peace is often disturbed by these terrorist organizations in different countries but who is being benefited? Terrorist Organizations is killing people but in what way they are being benefited?

The answer of all these questions is leading Arms manufacturer. Yes, countries with superiority in Arms manufacturing and export is taking its advantage and they are the ones who are getting its advantage in boosting their sales.

America tops in the list of world’s largest arms exporters with a contribution of more than 75%. On second spot it’s Russia followed by China, France and Germany. Where as in exporters India tops the list. So you can see who is getting benefited most by the tensed situations and fear created by terrorist organizations.

When America was affected by attack on Twin Towers, they killed Bin Laden so easily. So can’t they take out terrorism from its roots? Of course they can. Why Russia is so silent when Syria is bleeding?

You can see the statistics here about world’s arms trade and you will get the idea why these superior nations are silent. You Can also read article here by Mother Jones, a non-profit news organizations about how America is arming the world. Also here‘s the video on how much top 10 largest weapons selling countries are earning and these are just official figures.

Barack Obama is one of the finest leaders  of America till date but actually it was him who boosted the arms sales and now trump is taking it to next level. So no doubt why American arms manufacturing companies spent so much on Trump’s election campaign. So till these bastards don’t stop this business of fear there will be many more nations who will suffer like Syria.

Thank you for reading.Will write again soon…


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